Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing

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Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing
Since 2005, Dr. Dossey has served as an executive editor of this prestigious peer-reviewed journal, which covers the fields of integrative medicine, environmental health, spirituality, and conciousness-related health issues.
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The Journal encourages the integration of alternative therapies with conventional medical practices in a way that provides for a rational, individualized, comprehensive approach to healthcare. To this end, the Journal publishes a variety of disciplined inquiry methods, including high-quality scientific research.

"One of my most important and fulfilling endeavors is to serve as executive editor of EXPLORE. Published bimonthly, and read by thousands of physicians, nurses, and laypersons in the US and abroad, it is the most forward-looking journal in its field in the world."

"EXPLORE sets the standard for research and clinical application of a wide range of complementary (also called alternative or integrative) therapies."

"Today most medical schools offer courses in complementary medicine. Once regarded as a fringe area by conventional medicine, this field is being embraced by an increasing number of practitioners and scholars everywhere."

"One can rely upon EXPLORE to provide accurate, scientifically credible information about the latest developments in the future of medicine."

—Larry Dossey, MD
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