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Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing

Dr. Larry Dossey created a sensation in 1993 with his groundbreaking book, Healing Words, in which he presented solid scientific evidence that prayer can figure prominently in healing illness. Now, in Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing, Dr. Dossey again surveys the future: We are on the brink of a new era of medical care, an era that considers and implements our growing knowledge of the power of nonlocal mind in healing and life.

Dr. Dossey defines the major periods in the history of medicine: Era I medicine (mechanical medicine), Era II medicine (psychosomatic medicine), and Era III medicine (nonlocal medicine). Era III medicine incorporates all the benefits and warnings we have gleaned from intensified understanding of the effects of prayer and intention.

Dr. Dossey lays out a compelling argument for merging awareness of consciousness into the practice of modern medicine. By perceiving the boundlessness of the nonlocal mind, Dr. Dossey argues, we discern our own interconnectedness - with extraordinarily practical implications. We are further able to reevaluate our concept of mortality even as we are increasingly guided by the Golden Rule of Era III: "Do good unto others because they are you!"

"Reinventing Medicine is sheer inspiration grounded in impeccable science. Larry Dossey has once again written a stunning book that will change the way medicine is practiced while helping each of us live life fully and joyfully right now." Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"Reinventing Medicine is a revolutionary, scientifically documented look at the power of our minds to intuit and heal beyond the limits of what traditional science deems possible. Dr. Dossey is an eloquent, visionary physician whose courage to put himself on the line for the truth of his convictions is an inspiration. As a physician, I will treasure this book. I highly recommend it!" Judith Orloff, M.D.
Author of Second Sight

"In a true tour de force, Dr. Larry Dossey articulates a compelling vision of the future of health and healing that incorporates and harnesses the 'nonlocal' power of spiritual beliefs and practices. Ranging from basic research to compelling individual anecdotes, Reinventing Medicine leads all of us one giant step further in our professional and personal evolution." Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, M.D.
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Author of >Sound Mind, Sound Body

"Larry Dossey has written the blueprint for the new medicine of the 21st century. Dr. Dossey's vision is for a medical system that relies on the synergy of scientific reason as well as the psycho-spiritual dimensions of every human being. The Hippocratic Oath states 'I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art." Dr. Dossey brings this wisdom of the ancients to the practice of modern medicine. His approach will finally give balance and harmony to a medical system which has become increasingly bureaucratic and impersonal. Reinventing Medicine is a deeply personal and inspiring book that brings true healing to both body and soul." Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D.
Director of Medical Oncology, Strang Cancer Prevention Center
Author of Sounds of Healing

"Dr. Dossey captures our imagination in recounting modern medicine's rediscovery of non-local consciousness. Reinventing Medicine illuminates a path towards spiritual fulfillment, a missing ingredient often preventing happiness and health." Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Author of Healing from the Heart

"In Reinventing Medicine, Larry Dossey reminds us that we may be far more than we currently believe we are. In this beautifully written, scholarly and profound book, he frees us to move beyond the boundaries of our thinking and enables us to reclaim a power and wholeness greater that we have ever dreamed. A book for everyone who has ever wondered about who we really are and what we might become." Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
Author of Kitchen Table Wisdom

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