Health and wellness coaching is a multidimensional concept across the healthcare professions, and it acquires multiple meanings depending on the discipline from which it is viewed. The Theory of Integrative Nurse Coaching (TINC) contains healing, the metaparadigm in nursing theory, patterns of knowing in nursing, and the five components of integrative nurse coaching, referred to as theoretical niches that acquire the TINC meaning and context within the component in which it resides. The TINC coauthors -Barbara Dossey, Susan Luck, and Bonney Gulino Schaub - believe that the TINC is essential to the continued evolution of the Nurse Coach role. They also believe that Nurse Coaches, with their leadership capacities, interactions with clients/patients, and other interprofessional collaborations, are leaders in the evolution of healthy people living in a healthy world.

The TINC is a middle-range nursing theory to guide nurse coaching practice, education, research, and healthcare policy. A middle-range nursing theory is focused in scope on a specific nursing phenomenon. It offers a bridge between grand nursing theories that encompass the fullest range or the most global phenomena in the nursing discipline. It is broad enough to be useful in complex situations and leads to implications for instrument development, theory testing through research, and nursing practice strategies.

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