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Endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses' Association

Profiles of Nurse Healers (1998) Nurse healers can be found in all areas of nursing, from the ER to the operating room, from outpatient clinics to the community at large. They live and work among us as colleagues, clinicians, educators, researchers, and practitioners. This informative new book, edited by two of America's leading nurse healers, chronicles the journeys of more than 30 nurses in the United States and abroad whose quest for healing in themselves and others will inspire the reader to strive for new ways of living and practicing the art and science of nursing.

  • Defines the concepts of healing from the nurse healer perspective
  • Shares nurses' stories and explores their healing journeys
  • Identifies the qualities that most often allow the nurse to be present both with self and with others

"The Nurse as Healer Series is born out of the belief that nurses are ready to embrace guidance that inspires them in their journeys of empowerment. The information in each book serves to strengthen you personally and professionally, and provide you with help and confidence to travel the path of a nurse healer." Lynn Keegan, Series Editor

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