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Barbara Dossey

"Barbara Dossey is a driving force in the growth and recognition of the holistic nursing movement and has touched the hearts of professionals and laypersons all over the world."

Dolores Alford, RN, PhD, FAAN
Gerontology Nurse Specialist
Dallas, Texas

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Integrative Nurse Coaching is a natural extension of nursing practice to address the healthcare needs of our nation and world. To model health and wellness, the Nurse Coach engages in four areas of self-development (self-reflection, self-assessments, self-evaluation, self-care) to enhance growth, overall health and well-being.

As health care shifts from a disease-oriented system to one proactively focused on wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention, the Integrative Nurse Coach role is an essential ingredient for successfully assisting people toward sustained health. Chronic disease, stress-related illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles make health, healing, and well-being challenging to attain and maintain.

Nurse Coaches are strategically positioned to skillfully partner with individuals, families and communities to assess, strategize, plan, and evaluate progress towards negotiated goals for behavioral change. New research on improved health outcomes and cost savings offer opportunities for nurses who incorporate the emerging Nurse Coaching role across the spectrum of healthcare includes hospitals, community health, home care, and private practice.

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The Physiology of Compassion
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At the core of healing is compassion. As a foundation of caring, the merging of imagery, mind, medicine, and ritual is becoming recognized as immensely effective. In this lecture, Barbara Dossey presents scientific and intuitive data about transpersonal caring, healing, and the process of creating personal rituals. She describes how health-care professionals can utilize their knowledge of the psychophysiology of bodymind healing to serve the healing process of their patients and to change the way they themselves practice medicine, nursing, and other disciplines. This allows a deep level of caring, commitment, and collaboration to emerge daily in clinical practice and life.

Mystic, Visionary, Healer
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History is one of the most important aspects of any profession. Modern nursing finds a proud heritage in its founder, Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), a mystic, visionary, reformer, healer, environmentalist, feminist, practitioner, scientist, and politician. Her contributions to nursing theory, research, statistics, public health, and health-care reform are foundational and inspirational; her spiritual example prompts us to explore our own healing journey. Barbara explores why so many people are captivated by Nightingale and reflects upon the wisdom that is demonstrated by all great mystics throughout history.

Healing, Leadership, Global Action
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Barbara Dossey presents an insightful portrait of Nightingale's life and work through the tenets of healing, leadership, and global action. This lecture will identify, analyze, and discuss the many ways that Nightingale's work- practical and visionary-can rejuvenate nurses, nursing, and health care worldwide in our time as it did in her own. It is grounded in 21st-century scholarship and perspectives.

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