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Holistic Nursing
A Handbook for Practice
Fourth Edition

Therapuetic touch. Massage. Relaxation. Guided imagery. Music. Today a growing number of nurses are using the best of the ancient healing arts to complement traditional medical techniques - with exciting results!

You, too can bring these powerful yet safe techniques into your work with patients with the new edition of the classic Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice. This dynamic new guide shows you how to develop your innate capacities as a healer...and employ a full range of holistic modalities for healing the whole patient.

Today, the demand for alternative therapies is great. With the help of the is inspiring handbook, you can bridge the gap between these therapies and traditional medicine - with an approach that integrates caring and healing into nursing practice. This timely guidance will help nurses assume a leading role in shaping the future of health care...and return nursing to its roots as a true healing profession.

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