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Endorsed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, this easy-to-use resource provides critical care nurses and students with basic to advanced information on the care of critically ill patients. An holistic approach to critical care nursing is emphasized, addressing alternative therapies such as relaxation, stress reduction techniques, imagery, and touch. This useful companion is designed to augment critical care programs and provides excellent preparation for the CCRN certification exam.


  • Basic and advanced pathologic conditions
  • Disease management presented with a patient needs/problem format
  • Interpretation and management of cardiac rhythms, hemodynamic monitoring, airway and ventilatory management, and critical care pharmacology
  • Case studies
  • Critical Thinking sections with questions on chapter content
  • Audiocassette includes heart and breath sounds as well as relaxation and music therapy exercises
  • Normal lab and diagnostic values, cardiac rhythm treatment guides, critical care drug summary, and troubleshooting guides.

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